Unpacking Ideas that Could be Used to Describe Ghosts

Over my years I have traveled to many auspicious places (especially those situated in the South) in hopes of encountering those who come from the “Great Beyond.” I will commonly refer to these beings as ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and many other similar names and phrases. You have stumbled upon my blog and might be wondering to yourself: “What is a ghost?” In this post, I will explore a theory on how ghosts came to be as well as talk about some reasons why they might stay around– particularly in rich historic districts. 

Ghosts can appear from any human death, more commonly, a tragic death. Most well-known ghosts in the South came from brutal murders or suicides, resulting in a horrific mess. When this human passes into the next life, the negative energy from their death stays in this plane of existence. The soul is then caught between too universalities. This can sound rather far-fetched, but if you suspend your disbelief, it all becomes rather clear. Ghosts come from negative energy. Since this energy isn’t destroyed or transferred, it stays put. With that understanding, we can tackle the question: “why do ghosts stay around?” If this “around” in question is a rich historical district, it is probably for the ghosts to convey a message. It is also possible that these energies, spirits, or apparitions, might not be visible for any particular reason; however, I see the value in utilizing their existence to better understand humanity and the unexplainable phenomena of the world. 

Take Savannah for example. Savannah is rich in history with battlefields and historic sites scattering the city. This is an incredibly popular tourist destination, yet many who go admit to feeling uncomfortable or sensing the presence of ghosts. Even those who claim to have no strong belief in ghosts agree that there is something “off” about the energy in Savannah. I believe that the ghosts located in this city are there to directly communicate the history of costal Georgia. With this in mind, what could the ghosts of the Marietta Square be attempting to communicate? Please continue this discord in the comments below.