The Paranormal Effect—Marietta Square

With information coming out about the effects of paranormal activity on young people and the dark history of the Marietta Square, it is no small leap to conclude that there is haunting happening. I can prove it. I will start by pointing out the “dark” history of the Marietta Square and then connecting it with the recent happenings of the town. It is no secret that there are tunnels running throughout the Square. Some historians attribute these tunnels to Civil War efforts, while others claim a connection with the underground railroad; however, I believe that the history of the tunnels pale in comparison to their purpose today. This is where the ghosts live. This is where the souls are collected. These are ghosts from as far back as the 1700s, all the way to present day…including JonBenét Ramsey. She and her mother were buried in the Marietta Square and some claim that her tortured soul dances around the Square today—unsettled. I have been studying the children of the square. There are parapsychological studies that claim a connection between children that experience trauma, stress, and/ or anxiety with children that experience encounters with the paranormal. There are a lot of family attractions in the Marietta Square– even a small playground. So, what is it about this place that pulls people in, makes them want to gather, and makes them want to stay around? It is possible that it is what the kids are asking for. With two ice cream shops, a candy store, a toy store, playground, and a costume shop, one would think that the Square was developed, curated even, to draw children in. That is why, in light of the recent disappearings, I have felt compelled to come forward with my own theory. The ghosts of the Marietta Square are seeking out children and attaching themselves to these children. They aren’t looking far either—just at the tunnel entrances.