Magnolia House—Analyzing My Ghost Journey

I have recently come across some articles online speculating about the tunnels under the Marietta Square. They (the tunnels) are said to be reserved for historians, yet many amateur “ghost hunters” are fabricating stories about encounters. I am writing in protest to their falsehoods and will be discussing my own paranormal encounter around the Marietta Square in hopes of regaining credibility to this endeavor. 

My first paranormal encounter happened four years ago when I attended a small wedding in the Magnolia House adjacent to the historic Square. It was a normal day in July—just sweltering enough where most of the party congregated and danced inside the old home. The night continued on just as all weddings do. It was only later, when I was sent photos, that I noticed the children. Two children, a boy and a girl. Each roughly between the ages of 4 and 6. Both slightly matted, transparent, blurry, standing in the background of some late-night wedding photos. I felt all of the hair on my neck stand up and a distinct chill run down my spine. I spent the rest of the evening looking through the internet to find more pictures of these suspicious children.  I was met with a few more promising pictures, one of blurry silhouettes and one of two distant orbs. I haven’t stopped seeking ghosts out since. I am highly fascinated with their existence and what it means for humanity.

I am currently looking for other collaborators with similar paranormal encounters. It is paramount that professionals– historians, parapsychologists, and those with prominent paranormal exposure—come together to explore the unknown histories of the Marietta Square. 

PS—For those looking for a true paranormal experience, please refrain from monetarily voting for the continuation of meritless ghost tours (such as bar hops). If you would like more information on what demographics are suspectable to paranormal encounters please view my recommended reading list as well as my other posts on this topic.