A Discussion on Age and Reaction to the Paranormal

In this post, I will talk about the tethers between age, ability to perceive paranormal activity, and general reactions to paranormal interactions. As the reader should be aware, younger people are more perceptible to paranormal phenomena. If you are unaware, I might suggest taking a look at some of my pervious posts under the tab “blog.” 

It is natural for people to possess a level of disbelief when interacting with a paranormal event (such as viewing a ghost). The stages of confusion, denial, disbelief, and rationalizing work in a finite cycle for some that experience the paranormal. But, for others, it only solidifies an image that could turn the subject (or the person experiencing the event) to curiosity or intensified fear if the rationalization is not the final stage in the cycle. As we explored before, the fear felt could affect the way the subject interacts with cultural norms. It is easier for younger subjects to hold onto the fear and let it manifest into anxiety. However, adults find this a more difficult interaction to process. If the adult in question isn’t of a strict religious faith, they may attribute this interaction to many causes. It could be an old relative, a historical location, delusion induced event, a coincidence, or any number of things. I believe that adults are less likely to participate in the cultural commodification and celebration of ghost and paranormal activities the same way that children are. Once children have early exposure to this phenomenon, it is easier for them to digest over time and fixate on this event. This fixation could manifest in the love of Halloween, for example, or participation in the act of “ghost hunting”. “Ghost hunting”‘s rise in popularity might be coinciding with the love American’s have for reality TV shows and Documentary series, leading to increased coverage and attention on this activity. Hopefully this isn’t entirely attributed to fleeting trends and has a strong cultural basis in America as it does in other countries. How do you (the reader) feel about this? Should America be more accepting of paranormal activity or should they continue to be afraid? Please add to this discord in the comments bellow or through email if you would like to further discuss this topic.