Hi all!

My name is Lauren Conte. I am a graduate student at Kennesaw State University working towards my Masters degree in Professional Writing, with a concentration in Creative Writing. My hope is to creative a collaborative space where I can share updates on my current work, celebrate other’s successes, and have an open dialogue about my writing philosophy. 

More about me:

I grew up in Marietta, Georgia and owe a lot to my wonderful parents who have always supported my desire to write. My family, especially my family name, has always been very special to me. My dad recently found a store in Italy with out family name (Conte of Florence), and whenever I wear anything from that shop, it makes me feel connected to my history. Names are important. They are a way that we can identify with ourselves and with the world and I am lucky to share my name with my family.

Part of my writing philosophy is that anyone can write. I believe that everyone has a unique story, position, or a way of thinking about life that only they can share. Similarly, I believe that all books (regardless of genre) can be loved and appreciated. For a long time, I was always embarrassed to share that my favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love , thinking that it wasn’t scholarly enough. However, as I have grown into my beliefs and developed my truths, I have come to the realization that many different types of stories hold value and it is up to the reader to chose which values they will derive from the writing. 

So, welcome to my website! I hope that this platform can act as a safe haven for writers and dreamers.

-Lauren Conte